Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Featured Creation by Nana Connie

I'm happy to be back writing up these crafter feature posts regularly again.  This is the third one in three weeks.  Let's hope I can keep it up!

Today, I have a stunning work by Nana Connie, using the Owl Masquerade digi.  Take a look!

The high contrast of the dark base and the colored image area brings dramatic flare to this project.  The die cuts and lace border all utilize this contrast for a stunning presentation.  The lovely owl duo is golden, elegantly complimented by the lavender dress (which also looks beautiful on her blog's layout, by the way!).  The sentiment is perfect as owls have always been associated with wisdom since the ancient times.  You can read more about the details on Nana Connie's blog post at this link.

I actually have four digis in my store that have the theme of  "owl mask" (There are even more if you look for just "owl" or "mask" separately.).  Yes, owls and masks together are one of my recurring themes that show up periodically.  I have another idea for an illustration as I write this, just swirling around in the back of my head...  You can find "Owl Masquerade" at my Etsy shop right here.  It is a JPG digi, 1500 x 2100 pixels at 300 dpi (5 x 7 inches/ 12.7 x 17.8 cm).

Would you like to have your project featured on this blog?   You get a custom blog badge and a free digi if your work is featured.  All you have to do is add the pics of your projects with AW images into our special album at the FB group.  I'll put a direct link here to make it easy for ya!  (Of course, you'd have to be a member of our group before you can add a pic.  Send a join request, and one of us, the group admins, will approve it. )

We just kicked off a new challenge at Aurora Wings Challenge Blog yesterday, in case you didn't hear about it.  The theme of our latest challenge is "for Men and Boys".  Anything you make for your husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, boyfriends, nephews, grandpas, ... or anything with masculine feel would be great for this theme, whether it's in the images themselves, color schemes you use, or overall style.  Have fun with it, and join our challenge!

And we are in the final ten days of our monthly contest at our FB group!  Don't miss!

Till next time, happy coloring and crafting, everyone!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Featured Creation by Rita

Hello, friends!  Glad you can stop by for another Crafter Feature today!  It is starting to cool off in the northern hemisphere, and leaves have just started changing colors where I live.  I still have many flowers blooming in my garden, and bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and humming birds are still visiting. But I know that they won't be around that much longer...

I saw this delightful work by Rita Krogsund pop up in the Showcase Blog Submissions Album at the Stamps by AuroraWings FB grouop the other day, and I just had to spotlight it - before the growing season is over.

 Isn't it beautiful?  It's soft, sweet, magical, and simply adorable!  The whole thing looks like a page from a children's story book with all the sweetness.  The sentiment is one of my favorites, and goes so well with anything that has a flower in the image.  And since the Ladybug Sprite is holding a single flower, it's utterly perfect!  You can see more pics of this project (step by step) and read about the details on Rita's blog post right here.  (You'll find a translator about halfway down the sidebar, if you're like me and need translation.)

The "Ladybug Sprite" is an insect sprite among my ever-growing Sprites Collection, and comes at 1500 x 2100 pixels (5 x 7 inches or 12.7 x 17.8 cm at 300 dpi - can be printed larger at a lower resolution without losing too much in terms of line quality).  Available in JPG or PNG at AuroraWings Etsy.  Also available at AuroraWings on DGS right here.

I would like to take a moment to mention our current challenge at AWCB.  Our theme is 'Fantasy'.  How easy is that?  You can use any of the lovely women and girls, mermaids, even the darker images (Get ready for Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, what have you!), angels, and of course, Sprites!  There's still plenty of time left to color up something and create your winning piece.  This challenge will close at 11:55 pm EDT US on Saturday, Sept. 17 (3:55 am GMT on Sunday, Sept. 18).

  And on our FB group, our September contest theme is 'All Things Autumn'.  I can imagine a project that would work for both of AW themes this month, can't you?  Fantasy in autumn colors.  Yeah!  Well, if you miss the deadline for our Challenge Blog above, you'll still have time till the end of the month with this contest.  It won't close until 11:59 pm EDT US on Friday, Sept. 30.  Hope you'll join us!

Till next time, happy coloring & crafting!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Featured Creation by Jane

Crafter Feature is back at AW Showcase Blog!  How long has it been since the last one?!

I feel so bad about not having done one of these in a year...  A year!!!  Seriously, time flies when you're [ just fill in the blank ].  Is it just me or time seems to go by faster as you get older...  I'm sure I'm not alone feeling this way.

Today, I'm happy to feature a creation by Jane Proffitt, who submitted a lovely Moon Goddess coloring.

She gave the goddess lovely golden skin tone, gold and pearl jewelry, shiny black hair, and striking green eyes.  And gave the image a lovely frame to complete a lovely presentation.  Isn't she just stunning?  You can visit her blog post of this project at this link to read more about her work, see which Copics she used to achieve this beautiful coloring, etc.

"Moon Goddess" digi can be found at AW Etsy at this link.  She is also available at AW digi shop at my site on this page (Note to EU customers: All digis are, on average, 25% cheaper for you if you purchase on my site, compared to AW Etsy.  Both of my shops are EU digital VAT compliant, but set up very differently, and that's the reason for the price difference.).  She comes in JPG at 5 x 6 inches (1500 x 1800 pixels at 300 dpi).  (You can print her a little larger than the originally intended dimension without losing too much in line quality.  Most AW digis can be printed at about 150% (1.5 times) the original dimensions and still be perfectly suitable for hand coloring.

Thank you for stopping by today!  I hope to be bringing crafter features more regularly as I restructure my business to allow myself more free time.  If you'd like your AW projects considered for a feature on our blog, please add your project photos to the submissions album at Stamps by AuroraWings FB group.

Friday, August 19, 2016

New Release Showcase - Lady of Compassion

Welcome to our new release showcase!  Today we have two new releases of totally different subjects and styles.  Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and I like to go different places in my art and imagination.  That's why you see a wide range of images at AW - from the whimsical and adorable Sprites to beautiful ladies in flowers, all the way to the other end of the spectrum with dark fantasy images.  I know that not everything is eveyrone's cup of tea, but I, for one, love drawing them all.

First up is the digi release of the 'Lady of Compassion'.  Please note that she will be a LIMITED TIME RELEASE of 1 month.  This image was previously released in my coloring book titled, "Gardens & Goddesses".  I have kept her as the 'coloring book exclusive' for many years, but due to repeated requests, I am making this image available as a digi for a limited time only.  So I hope you take advantage of it and add her to your AW digi stash if you've had an eye on her all this time.

Laila (previously colored from the coloring book)


The 'Lady of Compassion' is a full size coloring page or a very large digi, coming in at 2400 x 3150 pixels (8 x 10.5 inches/20.3 x 26.7 cm approx.).  Available only in JPG, and for a limited time only (Aug. 19 through Sept. 18, 2016).  Once this period is past, it will become available only in the Gardens & Goddeses coloring book.

Now to the second release today.  It is 'Jellyfish Adventure'!  This was originally illustrated as an ACEO, which means the original drawing was only 2.5 x 3.5 inches (6.9 x 8.9 cm approx.).  I had to redraw digitally in order to make a digi version of this, and I have also made the file larger.  6 x 8 inches (15.2 x 20.3 cm) to be exact.  There's just too much going on to squeeze it all into the tiny digi!   I've made two versions of the Jellyfish Adventure - one with the background of smaller jellyfish (full version), and the other with the main image only (simple version).

Silvia using the simple version

Donna using the full version

Laila using the full version

Jan using both versions

Hath Thi using the simple version

The 'Jellyfish Adventure' Full Version is available in JPG and PNG at the AW Etsy shop.  This version comes in at 1800 x 2400 pixels, with lots of details for a full scene.

The 'Jellyfish Adventure' Simple Version (no background) is also available in JPG and PNG.  This version comes in at 1500 x 2100 pixels.

And of course, no new release showcase is complete without discount code for the weekend!  I have two codes for different levels of saving for you.  These are good at AW Etsy shop, now through Sunday, August 21, 2016 at 11:59 pm EDT US (That's 3:59 am GMT, Monday, August 22).

Happy coloring & crafting, everybody!!